Friday, September 19, 2014

My Apologies!

Hello, fellow nail polish lovers! I'm so very sorry I haven't written or filmed any videos in such a long time. We are in the process of moving, work has been a nightmare, and my weekends have been super busy. This will most likely continue to be the case for several more weeks. I am going to try to film at least one video this weekend and I have so many plans for my subscribers that unfortunately, I don't have the time to execute right now...

I am super duper grateful to you guys for sticking with me, not unsubscribing from my channel, and for following me on Instagram and liking the few pictures I put out now and then of what I'm wearing on my nails.

Big things are coming!

Stay tuned!

Bless all of you and have a fantastic weekend!


- Jessika The Polished Queen:)