Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Independence Day Mani 2014

I posted a video showing this manicure but thought I'd go ahead and write about it here, too. My husband is working on my new "official" blog, so for now, I'll write on this one:).

Here's the video in case you're interested: Fourth Of July Mani 2014

Here are the products I used:

Base coat: Two coats of Avon Gel Strength

Red: Two coats of China Glaze Igniting Love (formula was INSANELY GOOD!!)

I must slightly elaborate on what I mean when I say the formula was INSANELY GOOD...seriously, this stuff applied like pure butter. It was so freakin' smooth and easy to control. I used two thin coats but I think I might have liked a third coat a bit better. If I really stare at my nails there is a bit of visible nail line.

White/Glitter: One coat of Avon Gel Finish Sheer Love, one and a halfish coats of China Glaze It's a Trap-eze!, one coat of Julie G A Star is Born

Other: I put one thin, practically undetectable coat of Orly's Love Each Other to add a little more interest to the flat-looking blue and red. Don't think it showed much on the video but it makes me happy to see in person and you can see it in the pics below! Yay!

Blue: China Glaze Hanging in the Balance (formula was INSANELY GOOD!!)

Everything I said about the red can be said about the blue, with ONE exception: the blue was completely opaque for me with two thin coats.

Top Coat: One coat of Cult Wicked Fast, one coat of INM Out the Door. Why I did that, I have no idea....

I felt like I had to post the pics after showing the video to see if I could get a bit more accuracy on how they actually look in person. I think they're pretty close, though not perfect. One day, I will have to get a camera that will do what I want it to do!!!

The top photo is indoors, but right by a window showing mucho natural outdoor light. The bottom is indoors under standard "office" lighting. I love that you can now actually see the super subtle but totally pretty Orly Love Each Other. I am not a fan of flat colors. What I mean by flat, is solid colors without that extra sumthin', sumthin' to them, like glitter or even subtle shimmer or chrome flashiness. SO, I had to add Love Each Other to be happy with the manicure.

I'd love, love, LOVE to see some of your manis if you care to share. I know I could have been more creative, but, laziness usually takes over when it comes to the very thought of doing something amazing to my nails. I'll get over day...I hope!



Jessika - *The Polished Queen*

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