Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Why The Polished Queen?

Why the Polished Queen you ask? I know a lot of people will see that name and automatically assume I'm a drag queen - until they actually see me, that is. But, the "Queen" reference is actually the nickname given to me by my mom (and sometimes sarcastically, if not resentfully used by my siblings:)) It started out as Jessiqueen, but then I was called "Queen Jessika" or "the Queen Jessika," because of my somewhat demanding(?) and expectant(?) personality. I don't know how I managed to grow up poor and still have that kind of 'tude. However, I am not like that anymore! At least, I don't think I am...

Now, I'm just referred to by family and some acquaintances as the Queen of Nail Polish and Tips because it's hard to spend any time with me and not hear me talk about one or the other. There would also have to be something super crazy going on if I am ever caught outdoors without nail polish!

I'm not a trained nail expert or specialist. I just love anything having to do with nail color and nail care, period. I love to see and help people achieve nice looking nails. Long or short, doesn't matter, as long as they look nice a neat.

My absolute favorite colors to see on women, particularly older women, are blue, green and purple. I say older because I know that as women age, they can get more and more boring with nail color choices, if they even choose to paint them at all! So, when I actually see an older woman wearing a cool nail color, it makes me think they have a spunky personality and still have a lot of life left in them, and that makes me super duper happy!



Jessika - *The Polished Queen*

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